The leading hybrid crypto-fiat platform-Alchemy Pay announced today that they would be launching a virtual crypto-link card that accepts more than 40 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin

These new cards can be integrated with PayPal and Google Pay digital wallets, and used to make payments across the Visa and MasterCard networks. They also work well with popular e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon. 

According to the announcement, Alchemy Pay stated that they had already finalized the product’s development and launched beta testing in numerous key markets. They foresee proceeding with a full launch of the new product at the end of this year or early 2022.

This new initiative is being developed to respond to the rising requests for crypto-linked card transactions which allow crypto businesses to offer a full range of services and help traditional institutions incorporate crypto-related solutions. Previous reports show that Visa alone processed over $1 billion in total crypto spending in the first half of 2021. READ MORE

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