After a brief period of running the Alpha Alarm newsletter as an exclusively email-native publication through Forbes, we now have a dedicated page that allows us to create and curate a library of our content that will all live in one place.

We hope this makes it easier and more enjoyable to read and peruse our stories in the future.

To kick off our first edition to be published on our new page, I want to take a further dive into the NFT mania sweeping the cryptocurrency market over the past few months.

My colleague Nick has written about it a few times, but the breadth and depth of this trend certainly warrants further coverage. I specifically want to highlight a few trends I’ve been noticing in terms of where this hype is being directed, and share a few personal anecdotes when it comes to my experience playing with extremely valuable jpegs. JPEG Mania: How NFTs Are Capturing The Heart Of The Crypto Market (

By block head

Block Head is a blockchain journalist.