By: Steven McKie (Amentum Capital, CEO)

As we have endured this very tumultuous last year, we have all grown in our own ways more resilient as communities, individuals, and organizations purely from all having to face the same challenges globally. This network of agony and the aid of loving reciprocity that follows to pick up the pieces, is just another metaphor for the complex human condition and our small piece of the puzzle we control together as a species.

Humanity continues to progress itself technologically, spiritually, and financially, by working together through these enigmatic social metamorphoses — it is a tale as old as time itself. A fate that we cannot escape; so if that is the case then we had best learn to observe and adapt, naturally.

We as a collective, the planet, have to move from the internal combustion and focus on the sovereign individual, to understanding the importance of the “mycelic individual”. An evolved consciousness that exists externally from itself. That is the lesson that nature teaches us that we absentmindedly ignore repeatedly throughout history. 

If you’ve been in crypto awhile, you’ve likely heard it or bitcoin compared to mycelium; which is a composition of grand fungal networks that exist underground and are the “internet of flora and fauna” and their internal communications and resource distribution networks. They have lasted the longest because they are the external combustion engine of nature itself. They outsource the digestion and gestation to a greater ecosystem that will compete for energy. The fungus does not belong in the plant or animal kingdom, it exists in its own unique category; for it completes the trinity of creation visible to the human eye, with protozoans and bacteria being invisible to the naked eye. Continue Reading : Permaculture and Crypto: Green with No Envy – by Amentum Capital – Amentum Capital (

By block head

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