#Blockchain advancements and Bitcoin as a form of payment are all changing in 2021-2022. The days of pumping and dumping cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin may be a thing of the past. The current cycle upwards may be a pump, or may not. New ETF’s will bring in traditional investors money by the billions in late 2021. Numerous fortune 500 companies are talking about taking it as forms of payment by the end of 2021, early 2022. Countries are starting to allow it to be used as primary currencies. #Bitcoin is going mainstream this year. Traditional investors and large companies can easily stabilize the 1 trillion dollar Bitcoin market. As for Ethereum. #Cardano, etc. They have to worry more about the other Layer 2 blockchains like #Hydra. Hydra solves the speed of transaction issues for all those platforms. Bitcoin will likely remain the trusted store of value, and all the other blockchains will compete to see who survives to develop smart contracts, storage, institutional banking databases, lower energy use, and fast transaction speeds, etc. In the end developers won’t keep working with all of them. A few will rise to the top and most will disappear.