$SOL Jumps to Top 10 Cryptocurrency Spot as $DOT Drops from the List
(Photo : Image from Solana Website) $SOL Jumps to Top 10 Cryptocurrency Spot as $DOT Drops from the List

$SOL or Solana wasn’t really that well known as the cryptocurrency only started about 18 months ago. As of the moment, however, it jumped to the top 10 cryptocurrency list with $DOT dropping out.about:blank

Solana Top 10 Cryptocurrency

According to an article by Forbes, a trader Jonas Luethy stated that Solana, a popular altcoin, has just reaffirmed its status as a strong outliner in the market. Solana has taken a spot on the top 10 cryptocurrency list.

Luethy then pointed to the booming popularity of NFTs nowadays, like NFT games and other blockchain-based digital art collectibles that are starting to gain traction even among celebrities. Luethy points to this as the catalyst behind Solana’s huge spike.

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NFT Projects Start to Pop

Luethy noted that NFT sales in August have reportedly hit a massive $900 million, which is already triple the amount of their best performing month, May, 2021. Over the weekend, Solana also hit yet another milestone: the value of decentralized financial projects, which have just caught the eye of regulators.

This pinned the token’s blockchain to surpass $3 billion for the very first time ever. This would nearly triple the value of $SOL this month alone! Despite the value of the much broader crypto market being virtually flat during the past week, Solana has been able to achieve massive growth.

While $ADA has just recently gained immense attention spiking with a massive growth over the last few days, almost similar has happened to $SOL. The difference is, Solana has reached a massive +232.5% growth in the past 30 days!

Check out the Top 10 Cryptocurrency Changes in the Last 30 Days:

1. $SOL

Price: $119.80

SOURCE https://www.techtimes.com/articles/264798/20210831/sol-jumps-to-top-10-cryptocurrency-spot-as-dot-drops-from-the-list.htm