Crypto experts have said that Australia’s finance industry is set to be dominated by cryptocurrency by 2029. Finder’s annual cryptocurrency report shows that crypto is set to replace the traditional finance industry in Australia. The Finder’s report brought to light some interesting facts about cryptocurrency adoption in the country. These, experts say, put it on track for widespread adoption in the country.

Australians Are Turning Their Attention To Crypto

In Australia, 17% of the population have said that they own some kind of cryptocurrency. The most popular being the top coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. A further 13% of Australians said that they plan to purchase and own crypto within the next year. A reported 9% of Australians surveyed said they owned bitcoin. While 8% said that they hold Ethereum. Dogecoin came in third with 5% saying they held the meme coin. And Bitcoin Cash was held by a reported 4% of the people surveyed. SOURCE