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The price of Solana’s sol token has soared this year, leaving many other cryptocurrencies in the dust as this innovative blockchain project continues to generate visibility.

The digital token reached an all-time high of $214.36 last night on Messari.

At this point, it was up more than 13,200% from its price of $1.61 on January 1, additional Messari figures show.

The digital currency later pulled back, and was at $192.72 at the time of this writing, at which point it was still up more than 11,800% year-to-date.

[Ed note: Investing in cryptocoins or tokens is highly speculative and the market is largely unregulated. Anyone considering it should be prepared to lose their entire investment.]

The project, whose innovative technology has generated significant visibility, claims that it has created the world’s fastest blockchain.

According to the Solana white paper, the network could theoretically process 710,000 transactions per second (TPS) using a 1 gigabit per second network connection.

Anatoly Yakovenko, founder and CEO of Solana, wrote a blog post offering a more specific example on the blockchain’s bandwidth. SOURCE Why Solana Prices Have Skyrocketed More Than 13,000% Year-To-Date (

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