Solana’s developers said that the mainnet beta was bound to experience issues, but failed to assure the increasingly worried community.  SEPTEMBER 14, 2021 AT 5:32 PM UTC · 2 MIN READ

Solana transactions stop as mainnet experiences intermittent instability

The Solana blockchain has reportedly stopped processing transactions. According to the latest data from blockchain explorers SolScan and Solana Beach, the last transaction on the Solana network happened on September 14th at 11:58 UTC, creating a three-hour gap in transactions at press time.


‘Intermittent instability’ on Solana worries community despite developers’ calls for patience

And while some noted that Solana’s mainnet was still in its beta release and was bound to experience hiccups, they failed to assure the Solana community that the blockchain would be up and running soon.

The Solana Foundation said that resource exhaustion in the network was what caused the denial of service on the blockchain. The foundation also noted that despite the fact engineers were working towards resolving the issue, network validators were preparing for a potential restart if deemed necessary.

 Developers have since released a patch in Solana v1.6.23 which is set to resolve some of the resource exhaustion issues. Georgios Konstantopoulos, the research partner at Paradigm, said that the issue was most likely caused by bots spamming the reverting transactions to exploit a bug that made them almost free. SOURCE