Currently, the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency is constantly growing by a profit of over 6% in the last 24 hours, with a market capitalization of $419,398,318,107. Right now, the token is trading at $3.585.25. Will it break over $4k? Despite that, an unknown investor today exchanged almost $1.11 million in #WBTC for $ETH at #0x. The popularity of Ethereum layer two scaling protocols has risen dramatically in the last month, and one of the consequences is the quantity of gas they consume.

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The extent to which layer two platforms are guzzling gas has been highlighted via a new dashboard on Dune Analytics. Although the percentage of gas spent each day by L2 smart contracts has increased recently, it remains modest compared to the daily limit. According to data compiled by Ethereum client developer’ @PaoloRebuffo,’ Ethereum has a daily gas limit of 100 billion in gas, with L2s using only 0.18% of it. SOURCE