A new NFT-based gaming marketplace is coming to Solana with SolPugs which is also the first platform to launch a live virtual claw machine on the blockchain.

Sydney, Australia – September 22, 2021 – A new blockchain-based company, SolPugs, is soon to bring in a NFT-based gaming marketplace on Solana blockchain come October. The company is aimed to build a gaming arcade that will be fully integrated with Blockchain, enabling users to win NFTs.

A promising name in the current NFT and blockchain scenes, SolPugs is the FIRST one ever to launch a live claw machine on the blockchain.  

SolPugs has planned the launch for the first quarter of October 2021. 

“We are the first live virtual claw machine on the blockchain- the idea is that we will build a gaming arcade that will be fully integrated with the blockchain and where people can win NFTs”, stated the leading spokesperson from SolPugs. 

Additionally, the company is also launching its own NFT. Per the  statements of the spokesperson, they are offering 5,000 uniquely generated pugs with 70+ unique attributes. These pugs are exclusively made for the Solana blockchain and for SolPugs’ NFT Gaming Marketplace. 

Each pug has been drawn uniquely by hand by the in-house digital artist of SolPugs.  

“Our system algorithm is designed to generate a unique pug with every minting session. This way, each  of our pugs is unique in its own way and you will never find two identical pugs with us. So, you will have 5,000 unique randomly-generated Sol Pugs here with 70+ different attributes to choose from. It’s going to be a unique experience for our users.” 

From Afro Pug to Party Pug to Nice Pug to Vampire Pug, SolPugs users will find a vast and versatile range of pugs available for minting here. The company will also have a whitelist that people can win, either through its whitelist contest or by playing on SolPlug’s unique virtual claw machine. The pugs come with 5 different kinds of rarities. When a member will mint a pug, s/he will receive a rarity, ranging from Common to Legendary. 

After the launch, SolPugs will list the Sol Pugs on all the major NFT marketplaces, such as Solanaart.io, Solsea.io, Digitaleyes.market, and more.

“We aim to bring ‘utility’ to our pugs. So, if a member holds a plug, he will be able to post his NFTs in our marketplace. This way, people can play to win their NFTs, on which, the seller will reap handy rewards.” 

Interestingly, the SolPugs virtual claw machine was not initially intended for the Solana blockchain or any blockchain for that matter. The company originally had plans to release the claw machine on the app stores (both Android and iOS) as a multi-platform gaming app. But, it was the lead developer of the project, Kayz Pug, who found promise in the fast emerging blockchain industry and thus decided to bring the project on Solana blockchain.  

“Our initial plan was to bring our virtual claw machine to app stores. But, in the meantime, our lead developer got heavily involved in a lot of projects on BSC/ETH. Thus, we decided to launch an NFT Project incorporating our virtual claw machine & NFTs on Solana instead.” 

For more information, please visit https://solpugs.io 

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