“Crypto.Chicks,” an NFT collection that aims to highlight the importance of women in the cryptocurrency industry, is set to go on sale on September 23.

There are a total of 10,000 girl NFTs in the collection. Each NFT has its own set of features and attributes.

The NFT collection is the second collection of the creator and artist, who first released “Crypto.Chicks 1/1” in May.

‘Crypto.Chicks’ NFTs to go on Sale on Sept. 23

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“Crypto.Chicks,” a collection of women NFTs that aim to spotlight the value of women in crypto, is set to go on sale on September 23 at 8:00 p.m. EST. The official website of “Crypto.Chicks” describes the collection of 10,000 girl NFTs as “gorgeous, proud, independent, and empowered girls.”

Each NFT costs 0.055 Ethereum (ETH) plus gas to mint. According to the official website, only five NFTs can be minted per transaction, but a person can have unlimited transactions.

“Crypto.Chicks” joins other NFT collections set to be released for minting on September 23. Per a list compiled by Rarity, these include “Mighty Axolotl,” “SANJAY ROBOTS,” “Menacing Punk Society,” and “Square Cats Club.”

As with other NFTs in general, each NFT in this collection is unique and has its own features and attributes. Some of the features and attributes may even only occur once in the whole collection.

Purpose of ‘Crypto.Chicks’

According to the website, the “Crypto.Chicks” NFT collection “was created to highlight the importance of women in the crypto space and reflects the individuality and uniqueness of every woman.”

“I started drawing ‘CC’ because I wanted to show the importance and uniqueness of women. How different girls can be,” the collection’s creator and artist, who goes by the handle @MsPolly11 on Twitter, said in a tweet.

She added that she is glad that people like her collection.

“Crypto.Chicks” is already @MsPolly11’s second NFT collection. Her first collection, “Crypto.Chicks 1/1” was released in May.

Human-Inspired NFT Collections

“Crypto.Chicks” is the latest digital art NFT collection that is based on humans. To date, there are NFT collections that are based on dads and even samurais and ninjas.

An example of another digital art NFT collection is the popular “CryptoPunks. “CryptoPunks” NFTs include pixelated characters of humans, along with aliens and zombies.

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Another recently released collection of human NFTs is “CryptoDads.” “CryptoDads” is a collection of 10,000 dad NFTs that went on public sale on September 10. The creator of the NFT collection is planning to release two more NFT collections called “CryptoMoms” and “CryptoTots.”

A lawnmower game for the “CryptoDads” NFT is also in the works for the holders of the NFTs. SOURCE Crypto.Chicks, an NFT Collection About Women, Goes on Sale on Sept. 23 | Tech Times

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