• AAVE coin price is currently observing a positive correction in the price and can soon see a new high . It is trading with a gain of more than 13% in the past 24 hours.
  • The technical indicators of AAVE hints towards a strong bullish momentum for the future. Meanwhile, the AAVE/BTC pair has observed a loss of more than 3% in the past 24 hours

AAVE coin price is currently retarcing to the higher levels and can soon see a major breakout to a new high. The asset price has observed a gain of more than 15% in the intraday session and is trading near the value of $302. The network is a decentralized protocol which helps  their users to borrow or lend money to other customers. .It has seen huge gains since its launch and has made retain and institutional investors very profitable. The ROI of the coin is more than 65000% which has profited various people. AAVE crypto price bulls are ready to push it for a new high. One can invest in AAVE as per their needs and price action scenario.

AAVE token market dominance along with its CMC ranking is looking to recover to its previous levels. The coin has to cover more than 55% of its current value to reach above its all time high. Volume to market capitalization ratio of AAVE price suggests a strong upside momentum in price

AAVE Coin Price Bulls Are Ready To For The Next Run

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The weekly technical chart of AAVE coin price hints towards a strong dowountrend in price for the future. On coming to the daily chart AAVE price has started to form a bullish pattern in the daily  chart. AAVE price is currently trading below  the 50 and above 100 Daily Moving Average, but price can soon see a positive crossover..The 100MA line is near $323 making it a temporary support zone.The upside trend  of AAVE  can see a resistance near $400 and on the down side price can observe a bounceback from $200 .AAVE price may see the reversal from the downtrend in future. If the price jumps 15 to 20% above the current level then a strong upside trend can be seen. AAVE/BTC pair can also observe a strong paced recovery in futureADVERTISEMENT


AAVE coin price is currently observing a correction on the daily chart and can soon see a new high . One might forecast a strong recovery  in future prices. AAVE/BTC pair can also test the upper resistance in future

Source AAVE Price Analysis: AAVE Coin Price May Soon See A Major Breakout In Future – Cryptocurrency News (themarketperiodical.com)

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