• Cardano’s  (ADA-USD -2.4%) commercial and venture arm, EMURGO, invests $100M to accelerate decentralized finance, non-fungible token solutions, and blockchain education efforts to accelerate the development of the Cardano ecosystem.
  • The fourth largest cryptocurrency by market cap slides to $2.2 in the past 24 hours, while the largest crypto, bitcoin (BTC-USD +0.4%) is slightly higher at $43.5K, and Ethereum (ETH-USD +2.1%) climbs back over $3K level.
  • EMURGO said it will invest additional funds in African artificial intelligence, blockchain, and smart technologies firm Adanian Labs.
  • “We will create a dedicated operation from 2022,” Kodama wrote in a tweet.
  • Cardano (ADA-USD) also said it will enable a new DeFi stablecoin dubbed Djed with Cardano’s payment gateway provider, Coti, to provide a tool for DeFi operations and avoid transaction fees; the stablecoin uses smart contracts to ensure price stability, Cointelegraph reports.
  • Despite Cardano’s decline, Bitcoin and other cryptos gain even as exchanges restrict China accounts.
  • SOURCE Cardano’s commercial arm invests $100M to boost DeFi, NFT, blockchain tech | Seeking Alpha

By block head

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