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Currently, blockchain-based games are not a new thing. Because there are already hundreds of blockchain-based games on the crypto market today. The reason most of these platforms adopt blockchain technology is that blockchain is an innovative technology that allows platforms to be able to create a real economic system on their platform. Especially when the DeFi and NFT protocols were launched, more and more gaming platforms adopted blockchain technology because the protocol provides various financial features that are profitable for its users. And because of this Token Tanks is launched with blockchain technology with DeFi and NFT protocols. By adopting these two protocols Token Tanks will provide users with a gaming platform that not only provides them with entertainment but also profit at the same time. In Token Tanks, users can collect tanks, engage in battle, strengthen their armies, and earn rewards for their participation.

All items such as tanks, weapons, and ammo will be based on the nft protocol. With a solution like this, the entire Armory can be stored securely in the user’s digital wallet. So that all these items will be stored forever in the user’s wallet and no manipulation or hacking is possible.

Token Tanks Features

Token Tanks is a blockchain-based multiplayer tank battle game that allows users to build, battle, and earn. With the features offered by Token Tanks, it enables users to collect tanks with different attributes. The better the attributes of a team, the better the opportunity for users to shoot with greater damage and get rewards. But that’s not all, there are several other features of Token Tanks:

  • Engage in Battle: the battle system in Token Tanks uses a turn-based tactical artillery game battle system, a game where users are required to be able to use direction and power to fire over 25 different weapons and do as much damage as possible to win.
  • Growing Army: users can strengthen their army to be able to outshoot their opponents. By strengthening the army, users can finish their existing opponents more easily and the chance to get bigger rewards will increase.
  • Marketplace: Token Tanks provides a marketplace that allows users to be able to sell or buy items or other things. This marketplace is the only facility for users to be able to buy items according to their wishes.


Token Tanks has a native token launched under the name SHELL. The SHELL token will be launched on the Ethereum Network with ERC-20 protocols and will serve as a utility token. This means the SHELL token is needed to be able to claim rewards, build new tanks, and participate in key governance votes. Rewards given to users will be given in the form of SHELL tokens, in which the number of rewards will be given to users depending on the tank’s military rank, a higher rank yields more SHELL from victories. To be able to get SHELL tokens, users can buy SHELL tokens on supported exchanges.

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To conclude

Nowadays, many gaming platforms have adopted the blockchain technology on their platforms. This is because blockchain technology offers features that cannot be found in traditional technologies. This technology allows the game platform to be able to create a real economic system. And Token Tanks is here as a multiplayer tank battle platform based on blockchain technology that allows users to play and get rewards. In Token Tanks, users can collect different attributes and strengthen their army. Later users can participate in campaigns to get rewards. And all items owned by the user will be secured with the NFT protocol which can be stored in the user’s digital wallet securely and efficiently. Token Tanks aims to become a game platform that will provide entertainment and rewards to all players globally.

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