CHINA’S President Xi Jinping could face a backlash from his citizens and spark internal chaos if he launches a full-scale invasion on Taiwan because of his nation’s one-child policy, according to an expert.

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Sky News Australia’s Catherine McGregor suggested that the ramifications of Chinese men fighting and dying in a war with Taiwan could spark an economic crisis for Xi Jinping back home because of the societal impact China’s one-child policy has had. She explained that this could be compounded by an ageing population, falling marriage rates and rising desires amongst Chinese women to remain single.

The expert told the show that any invasion by China on Taiwan will result in “horrific casualties” on the Chinese military because of the difficulty of mounting an assault on Taiwan.

She noted this would be down to the Taiwanese knowing “precisely which beaches they have to cross, they’ve been practicing defending them for 40 years.”

But the expert went further, suggesting how casualties incurred by the Chinese if such an invasion was launched could have a seismic impact on China back home because of the supposed shortage of single young men because of China’s one-child policy implemented between 1980 and 2015.

Ms McGregor said: “With a nation that has had a one-child policy privileging sons.Sponsored2021 Buicks | Search AdsBuick’s Thrilling New Lineup Is Finally Hereby Taboola

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Xi Jinping is facing a population crisis in China (Image: Getty Images)

Catherine McGregor

Catherine McGregor warned there is a lot of risks facing Xi Jinping (Image: Sky News Australia)

“You start sending those single sons of families home in body bags…

“Let’s see what happens internally.”

She added: “They’ve got some real problems and another one they’ve got: they’re getting older before they get rich.”

The Australian speculated that as a result “I think there is a lot of risks” associated with President Xi’s Taiwan ambitions which could hit China.

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Taiwan army

The China expert suggested the Taiwanese army could inflict heavy casualties on the Chinese (Image: Getty Images)

She went on to argue how issues such as the current energy crisis in China, which is seeing blackouts across the country, and a surplus of property in the country could spark economic chaos with the added issue of Chinese men being killed in a war.

While host Alan Jones went on to claim how “more than four in ten young urban women have said they want to remain single” adding that they are “doubtful they will ever marry” which he suggested adds to President Xi’s obstacles of a Taiwan invasion and the possible fallout of sending so many men to war.

He added: “There is a fall in birth rates, so Xi will have to rebalance a rapidly ageing population against whether that can be afforded. These are major issues on China’s domestic front!”

And in a final jab, Ms McGregor slammed how the west “can only hope” the internal problems facing President Xi stop him in his tracks from carrying out his plans to retake Taiwan.