MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor said Friday that his company would continue to buy Bitcoin (BTC-USD) into the foreseeable future, looking to take advantage as wider mainstream acceptance of the cryptocurrency drives the price higher over time.”We’re going to keep stacking forever,” the chief executive of MicroStrategy (NASDAQ:MSTR) told CNBC.Saylor, whose company provides business intelligence software but has also become a high-profile accumulator of Bitcoin (BTC-USD), argued that growing acceptance of crypto and the specter of inflation underpin a long-term bull case for the asset class.”Crypto’s gone mainstream. … Inflation’s gone mainstream,” he said.Saylor also pointed to growing clarity on the regulatory front for making cryptocurrency more acceptable to a wider group of potential buyers.The MicroStrategy CEO acknowledged that Bitcoin (BTC-USD) continues to show bouts of volatility, like the declines that have taken it off of recent all-time highs.However, he attributes these price swings to exchange leverage, high volatility in certain parts of the crypto market and the novelty of the asset class in general.Saylor noted that many aspects of the crypto revolution remain “murky” and will require the market to “sort out what they mean.”That said, Saylor argued that there has been a clear call in the financial system for a digital dollar and for a digital asset that provides a store of value, a role he believes Bitcoin (BTC-USD) fills.The MicroStrategy CEO added that a “war” currently exists between Bitcoin on one side and silver and gold on the other to become the non-sovereign store of value.”It’s pretty clear that Bitcoin is winning. Gold is losing,” he said.Using iShares Gold Trust ETF (NYSEARCA:IAU) as a proxy for gold, the market action of the past six months supports Saylor’s assertion.While BTC-USD has come off its peak in the past couple of weeks, it remains higher by nearly 53% over the past six months. IAU has been largely flat over that time, while the S&P 500 has shown a 15% advance:

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