This Metaverse coin set to explode in Q4 with Solana Support

Star Atlas is a virtual gaming metaverse powered by the Solana blockchain set in the far future.

There are three main factions in the game the mud territory is ruled by humans, the only region is a consortium of alien races, and androids control the user sector.

These factions are in an everlasting war for resources, territorial conquest and political domination.

The player being a citizen of one of the Star Atlas factions can influence the outcome of this intergalactic conflict and receive rewards for the contribution.

Monetary Rewards

A key factor in the Star Atlas universe is the monetary reward system driven by a system of two tokens. Atlas and Polis.

Atlas is a payment token used as a form of currency and income in the game. In addition, new Atlas tokens are created to reward players for in-game actions.

The supply of the token will grow at about the same rate as the in-game economy.

Thus, the Atlas staking feature will first be browser-based and then available in a minigame while the main game is being developed.

Atlas and Polis Tokens

The total supply of Atlas tokens is 36 billion. The largest part is allocated to support the game process of rewarding players. Polis is a governance token used both in-game and in the real world for voting.

It represents the voting power and the control over the economics of the Atlas token. Polis holders will directly influence changes in the game and will have exclusive ownership of whole regions.

Regardless of who owns the nft, rise to the land. In addition, the police token can be obtained to complete certain in-game quests, such as attracting new users and organizing existing users into a faction.

The total number of police tokens is 360 million. And the number will not grow if token holders will decide so. Also, the Start Star Atlas development team will buy and burn tokens, therefore, reducing emissions.

Guild System

Decentralized autonomous corporations. Dac has been introduced to the Star Atlas guild system. Entire space cities can be built based on them. The cities are microeconomics will be controlled by chosen persons.

The Polis token will play a key role in these cities. Allowing political influencers to control the city’s life and set conditions for non-DAC players. Who wish to access these completely independent cities.

The Star Atlas world is divided into safe zones inhabited by NPCs and dangerous zones in deep space.

Where players can receive more rewards, but at the same time, they will be exposed to great danger. After the faction selection, new Star Atlas players Start the game in the safe zone.

This allows the player to explore all the basic functions and gameplay with the exception of destructive ones such as rescue and combat.

Once the player is confident that he is ready, he can continue the game in the mid-level safety zone that a group of mercenaries guards.

Fights are allowed here, and in case of defeat, your assets won’t be lost. The beginning of the distant zone of the Star Atlas is the wild frontier. Whereas its destruction in battles is irreversible.

Each Star Atlas element is an NFC on the blockchain. So, for example, being in the danger zone, players can join a battle.

If they win, the enemy’s nft ship is burned, and the winner will receive parts of the destroyed ship as nfts.

The Solana blockchain allows you to track interactions between game assets in real-time and eliminates the need for the traditional centralized server-side for multiplayer online games.

İn Star Atlas players can control spacecraft with crews exploring uncharted areas of the deep space to find useful resources, the extraction of which is at the heart of the Star Atlas economy.

Profits from mining create many other income options such as trading raw and refined ores transporting goods, and crafting ships components.

The better the scanning equipment is installed on the player’s ship, the wider and deeper your researches can be carried out.

The results are used for resource extraction or for selling them to other players in the marketplace.

In exploration mode, the player mainly interacts with the top view showing the spaceship’s exterior with the option to switch to x-ray mode to see the ship’s interior and the crew.

Players can also control the ship manually from the cockpit or captain’s bridge in-person view. All visible Stars and Star Atlas are real and can be visited.

There is no territorial limit to space in the game. And if the Stars belong to a certain region, the ship captain can build a jump point and instantly move a great distance.

Ships are equipped with turrets and missile bases. There are energy ballistic or self-guided turrets.

When encountering an enemy ship of proper scanning, the player can target its vulnerable subsystems to inflict critical damage.

Ships can target ground and space objects, but they can also be armed, ready to attack. All players can mark their position as aggressive or passive to signal their desire to participate in battles.

The passive position provides protection and manoeuvrability, allowing to escape and attack without official statements. Moreover, mining installations and space stations have special equipment where you can find, for example, a market for trade and good storage.

A shipyard for ship manufacturing and repair, a university for crew training and recruiting and an armoury for designing turrets and protecting the space station.

All ships contain components and crew members that can enhance the ship stats. Crew members are divided into roles, for example, scientists, smuggler bounty hunters or merchants.

A properly selected crew can lead to improvement of ship performance. For example, crew members trained together at university or previously on other ships will support each other when placed in the same ship’s crew.

Star Atlas uses the latest graphics technology for his game. Thanks to unreal engine 5, the team will achieve a level of graphics that competitors in this area cannot afford yet.

Buying and Selling NFT

To buy and sell Star Atlas nft, you can use the build and trading platform. For this, go to the marketplace tab by connecting your Solana network wallet and select the desired ship or other nfts.

Parts of a mining station are metal or collectable nft. Then you can read information about the chosen item and go trading by clicking on trade.

An interface similar to a regular order book will pop up just set the nft amount buy or sale price and click buy or sell.

The purchase and sale of Star Atlas nft on the build and trading platform are carried out using the usdc token.

In the same way, you can purchase nft using the radium tex interface. Then click on the plus in the interface to add a custom trading pair.

After that, enter the market id of the desired nft and the rest of the data in the appropriate fields from the file.

After adding a trading pair, the process of buying and selling nft will be similar to the process on the build and Star Atlas trading platform or to trading ordinary tokens.

The Star Atlas nft introduction into circulation will be carried out according to stages of the game development. The next phase of sales will begin after all planned features have been added to the Star Atlas minigame.

You can follow the updates in the project social media to be the first to know about the Start of the new sales phase.

Planets and The Tax System

Each planet in Star Atlas will be divided into sections and its characteristics. For example, size boundaries, location and current ownership will be recorded as nft. A tax system will also be introduced, which will stimulate the gameplay and make it possible for landowners to earn Atlas and Polis tokens.


İn the future, the Star Atlas team plans to significantly expand their metaverse adding new zones and support for new blockchains. In addition, it is planned to add the ability to create custom content.

For example, players could create ships that can be used in the game. Also, an optimized version of our universe can be represented in the game so that users can explore space play and earn money.

.the launch of the main version of the game is scheduled for 2022. But this term may be increased due to the expansion of the range of tasks associated with developing such a large scale project.

Thanks to the combination of professional game development and blockchain technologies, the Star Atlas project can be the game that will revolutionize the crypto game’s sphere and take it to the next level.