The VUELE™ platform ( is a partnership between CurrencyWorks and Enderby Entertainment. VUELE™’s aim is to revolutionise the entertainment industry to the benefit of both content producers and the consumer.

Representing the first-ever direct-to-consumer viewing platform utilizing NFT technology, VUELE will provide a stage for international film distribution, streaming of feature length movies, and digital film memorabilia.

VUELE™’s use of blockchain technology and NFT’s, will allow it to not only reach audiences with its feature films, but also provide additional value-added content in the form of NFTs offering (but not limited to) behind the scenes content, bonus features, exclusive Q&As, and memorabilia.

The debut movie for VUELE stars Academy Award-winning actor, Anthony Hopkins, along with an established cast of international actors, in ZERO CONTACT.

By joining the VUELE™ platform members can qualify to become part of this exciting new way forward for global entertainment, allowing them to watch, collect, sell, and trade VUELE™’s exclusive NFT content.

The first VUELE™ NFT drops commence late Summer 2021.