Dogecoin has been largely subdued over the past 48 hours. After the weekend’s flash crash, it has consolidated below the crucial $0.185 support level resulting in a massive sell-off in the digital asset market.

Long-Term Outlook

You’d recall that DOGE declined from about $0.21 to about $0.13 during that time. Even its market cap dropped from about $29B to about $19B on some exchanges. Then, as the market recovered, the DOGE price steadied around the $0.17 price range.

Even though this nearly 45% recovery since December 4 is quite impressive, DOGE’s month-on-month performance still shows a 15% decline. DOGE has been on a general decline since setting an all-time high of $0.75 seven months ago. It has declined by over 70% since that time.

The dog-themed coin’s year-on-year performance indicates a 4,500% gain, which will be soothing to hear for long-term DOGE holders. However, the long-term signals are not giving good signs. A further decline is possible, resulting in successive losses, with some recent investors already willing to exit their current positions, not minding the losses.  OMGFIN Review – Is OMGFIN Scam or Legit?

Near-Term Consolidation

DOGE’s performance on the 4-hour candlestick indicates sustained short-term stability. The coin is edging closer to the $0.17 highs as of this writing. But a crucial resistance around the $0.19 levels could prevent further recovery efforts to exceed that range. If it steadies at the $0.19 range, it will coincide with its price in early August, late September, and late November.

While the 14-day RSI indicated an oversold during the weekend flash crash, it also forecasted a rebound. The forecast is accurate as the token is in a neutral position. However, the 12-day EMA crossed the top of the 26-day EMA two trading sessions ago, making the near-term MACD positive, a first since last week. Thus, boosting DOGE momentarily during that period. But MACD is steadily returning to the neutral position in the last trading session, signaling a loss in momentum.

4-Hour Chart Analysis

DOGE 4-hour chart. Source: TradingView

The 4-hour chart confirms that DOGE consolidates around the $0.17 range and tests the $0.19 resistance levels. If it can flip this resistance to support, expect DOGE to trade at $0.2 and above.  Cardano’s Decentralized Exchange SundaeSwap Has Launched Public Testnet

Conversely, DOGE currently finds support at the $0.17 range. If the general market sentiment becomes unfavorable or bears intensify their sell-offs, DOGE could again dip below the $0.16 range. In the last 24 hours, DOGE retests its next crucial resistance.

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