The company with the most bitcoins in the world is with 140,000 BTC.

3 of the 5 companies with the most BTC in the world are from the United States and the other 2 from Switzerland and Hong Kong.

Buying bitcoin (BTC) is not something that only people do. For years, different companies in the world have begun to protect their wealth in cryptocurrencies, as well as they have become benchmarks of the ecosystem.

Some companies make the news every month or even several times in the same week for making a significant purchase of bitcoin. Curiously, the main ones do not even have their businesses clearly inserted in the Bitcoin market, as you can see below in the top 5 of the companies with the most bitcoins in the world, according to data from Buy Bitcoin Worldwide.

From Hong Kong,, also known as “B1”, is the company that owns the most bitcoins in the world. It is registered in the Cayman Islands and in his possession he has 140,000 BTC. This figure is equivalent to more than USD 7 billion, as can be verified in the CriptoNoticias calculator. This amount represents 0.667% of the total 21 million bitcoins that will be on the market.

Interestingly, to safeguard long-term value, seems to trust bitcoin more than its own cryptocurrency EOS, which gave rise to the company. As the first part of its name indicates, is the creator of a blockchain, in which the EOS cryptocurrency has been registered since its launch in 2017.

EOS was worth $ 2.24 when it launched in 2017 and closes 2021 at $ 3.37. Source: Coingecko /

Although EOS at the beginning managed to raise USD 4 billion, which made it seem promising due to its rapid accumulation, over the years its investment fell. Its current market capitalization is $ 3.2 billion.

Brendan Blumer, the co-founder and CEO of, said in December 2020 that the company already had 140,000 BTC in storage, which shows that they have not sold anything since. The fact that they have been hodleing for the last year suggests that they have a preference for her. On the other hand, with respect to its funds in EOS it shows a different behavior. A month ago, it announced that it sold 45 million EOS, which was almost $ 210 million.about:blank


MicroStrategy owns a total of 122,478 BTC, which is equivalent to USD 6.12 billion, thus establishing itself in second place after Although there is something that does leave her in the first place. It is the publicly traded company with the most bitcoins. It has been doing so under the MSTR code on Nasdaq since 1998. Its bitcoin funds represent 0.583% of the total bitcoin supply.

Of American origin, founded in 1989, this company offers analytical data processing software. Its CEO, Michael Saylor, has stood out in the crypto community for being a great promoter of bitcoin. He has recommended using BTC to save instead of US dollars or any other fiat currency, especially in hyperinflationary countries like Venezuela.

“You will not be able to retain value with the dollar, you will need to turn it around with a stronger asset and for me that asset is bitcoin. I see that bitcoin is stored value, while the US dollar is a medium of exchange. “

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy.

MicroStrategy’s first investment in bitcoin was in August 2020 when it decided to adopt cryptocurrency as its main reserve asset. Since then, the company has made frequent purchases of millions of dollars. The value of bitcoin has increased more than 75% since its first purchase.

When MycroStrategy first bought bitcoin in August 2020, the cryptocurrency was hitting $ 11,000, while it is now trading at $ 48,912. Source: Coingecko /

Since then, it has motivated other companies to save their BTC holdings as well. In fact, Michael Saylor encouraged Elon Musk to get Tesla to buy bitcoin, a challenge that he decided to accept. The head of MicroStrategy said that so other companies would follow suit.


Far behind in investment volume, Tesla is in third place with a total holding of 42,902 BTC, which is equivalent to USD 2 billion. This figure is less than 65% of what MicroStrategy has and represents 0.204% of the total supply.

Since its founding in 2003, this American-based company has been manufacturing electric cars and other components such as sunroofs. In 2010, it was listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the code TSLA.

His first contact with bitcoin was in January 2021, when he announced that he had bought the cryptocurrency. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, added the word “bitcoin” to his Twitter bio at the time, showing his support and prompting the purchase with comments on the matter.

Elon Musk has earned the love and hate of the cryptocurrency ecosystem by manipulating the market,
driving the purchase of BTC and then DOGE. Source: @DFinanciero /

At the end of the first quarter of the year, Tesla sold 10% of its bitcoins to ‘test liquidity’, that is, to see how to make the change from BTC to fiat currency, according to the company. The sale allowed it to obtain a profit of USD 272 million and from then until now the company has held the rest of its funds in the cryptocurrency.

In March, Tesla allowed the purchase of its electric cars with bitcoin, something that made news in the world, although two months later it returned to the media when it suspended that form of payment. Since then, Elon Musk has repeatedly said that their support for BTC has not changed and they will accept it again, when bitcoin mining decreases their energy consumption.

The Tezos Foundation

Together with, The Tezos Foundation is the second company in this top 5 that is not from the United States and is also not publicly traded. He is from Switzerland and owns 17,500 BTC, or more than USD 852 million accumulated in the cryptocurrency, which represents 0.083% of the total supply of bitcoins.

Another similarity with is that it also has a blockchain, where its cryptocurrency works, which is called Tezos or XTZ and, like EOS, it is an altcoin, that is, a digital currency of low capitalization and value that is not among the main in the market. Both, which were launched in the same year (2017), were the ones that raised the most money in their initial offering (ICO).

From March 2020 to December 2021, the value of Tezos (XTZ) went from $ 2.62 to $ 4.62, while bitcoin (BTC) went from $ 8,567 to $ 48,912. Source: Coingecko /

Roman Schnider, the organization’s chief financial officer, said in March 2020 that while he viewed bitcoin as a “key store of value,” his strategy was to reinvest in other assets as well. Therefore, in recent years, The Tezos Foundation has been ditching its bitcoins to take profit and buy other assets like XTZ.

Two years ago, The Tezos Foundation had more than twice as many bitcoins as it does now. As CriptoNoticias reported at the time, it had a holding of 39,700 BTC, with which, If it had kept it, it would have almost $ 2 billion today.

Galaxy Digital Holdings

In the last place of this top 5 is Galaxy Digital Holdings, which owns 16,400 BTC, valued at the current exchange rate of USD 820 million, which means 0.078% of the total supply of bitcoins. This company stands out for being the The only one on this list that is from the United States with a business dedicated directly to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Galaxy Digital Holdings, which was founded in 2006, is a cryptocurrency financial services and investment management company. Michael Novogratz, its founder, has promoted the purchase of the cryptocurrency warning to be careful. A year ago he said, “My feeling is that bitcoin beats gold, but I would tell people to have a lot less than gold, simply because of volatility.”

Michael Novogratz took more ground on the matter in early 2021 when he made it known that he would start his own bitcoin mining at Galaxy Digital Holdings. The director of the area, Amanda Fabiano, declared that by mining themselves, they increase “the strength of the industry and therefore the strength of the Bitcoin network”.