Is GameStop NFT possible for the electronics retail company?

The business gained a lot of eyes on them following the infamous Wallstreetbets rally that happened earlier this year. 

Now, the business is putting its toes into the NFT marketplace and in blockchain technology using non-fungible tokens produced with Ethereum, according to a new website named

GameStop has updated its NFT website, calling for content creators to send an application.

Individuals and businesses can apply to join the company’s NFT marketplace. The update does not specify a launch date, but it does state that NFT minting would be offered on a “rolling basis.”

NFT Creator Recruitment

At the end of May, Gamestop unveiled a new NFT website, confirming that the company is dipping its toes into the world of NFTs, joining the bandwagon just like many others.

Gamestop said on April 8 that it was seeking a security expert with familiarity with blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs before the website’s launch.

When it first started, the website didn’t provide much information, but today, Gamestop’s NFT web page indicates it is looking for NFT creators.

It is speculated that the Gamestop NFT marketplace is prepping for launch since the creator sign-up form asks a number of questions.

The questionnaire asks what the NFT creator would like to be called and whether or not they describe themselves as an independent artist, creator, game dev, or meme lord.

In addition, Gamestop also asks if the person has a website and if they have ever created an NFT.

The Gamestop questionnaire further asks the person if they have ever used an Ethereum wallet before.about:blank

GameStop NFT and Loopring Speculation

It’s widely assumed that Gamestop will collaborate with Loopring in a layer two (L2) project.

According to, a Canadian reporter questioned Loopring CEO Daniel Wang about the Gamestop rumors at the end of November.

After the reporter informed Wang that there had been a lot of speculations about a prospective relationship with Gamestop and inquired if the potential deal was real, Wang stated that it is something he is not able to discuss.

Gamestop hasn’t revealed any other details regarding the formal marketplace debut, how it will work, or what projects the firm is currently working on.

Many people assume the NFT marketplace software will be based on the Ethereum blockchain, based on the Ethereum contract published on Gamestop’s web portal, and a new question regarding using an Ethereum wallet.

Easter Eggs

GameStop, a publicly traded corporation, appears to have opened a new website dedicated to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). And since Gamestop has not formally publicized the project, the general public is unaware of what the web portal entails.

Following all the evidence and speculations that the public has seen, it was widely assumed that Gamestop would use blockchain technology in some way.

A lot of Ethereum community members discovered the website, and the story quickly spread on Twitter.

The website has a vintage design and depicts an Ethereum-like cartridge being inserted into a Gameboy-style portable gaming device.

It is said to also include an Ethereum smart contract address.about:blank

The website is seen with the message, “Power to the players, power to the creators, power to the collectors”.



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