February 7, 2022 / After months of developing, testing, and laying the groundwork for what would eventually become the Burnt Finance Inferno Mainnet, the Burnt Finance team is thrilled to launch the first fully-decentralized NFT marketplace built on Solana.

Access the platform here: https://app.burnt.com

The Burnt Finance Inferno Mainnet allows users to buy, sell, trade, and mint NFTs in a fully-decentralized fashion. Users will now be able to transact without having to deal with high transaction fees, gas fees, and slow speeds. Burnt allows users to retain full control, ownership, and custody of their assets. In addition, the Burnt team implemented fully on-chain collections. Essentially, users can now verify whether an NFT belongs to a specific collection, which eradicates the possibility of NFTs within a collection from being replicated alongside other forms of market manipulation.

“Rigorous testing was a high priority for us to ensure that the marketplace is as fast and stable to use as the underlying Solana blockchain upon which Burnt is built. Our Spark testnet generated over $100 million in transaction volume and had nearly 200,000 users on the waitlist by the time it closed,” said Burnt Banksy, Founder of Burnt Finance.

Compared to the 2-5% transaction fees that other centralized NFT marketplaces charge and the 20%+ at traditional auction houses, Burnt Finance takes zero transaction fees or listing fees.

Users can easily mint and trade NFTs in just a few clicks, paying only for Solana gas fees ($0.01). When selling on the Burnt platform, users can choose between English, Dutch, or Buy Now options, to best support their launch and minting goals. In the future, the Burnt team plans to release other auction types including bonding curves and lottery.

In the coming months, Burnt Finance will be announcing a handful of exciting NFT drops in partnership with other Solana-based projects (such as Serum and Bonfida), as well as other world renowned artists.

Burnt Finance is taking the first steps in introducing a world in which everyone can participate in the buying, selling, trading, and minting of NFTs assets in a fully-decentralized fashion. The team will continue to build out a variety of new features that will make Burnt Finance an all-encompassing hub for NFTs. One of the most exciting upcoming features will be an NFT Launchpad to allow creators to launch their own generative collections without taking any fees. The Burnt team will also be rolling out DeFi functionality for NFTs, such as lending, liquidity mining with staking incentives, fractionalization, and GameFi assets moving forward.

Over time, Burnt Finance will become a vibrant ecosystem where NFTs gain additional utility and functionality, which will help unlock new forms of liquidity and features across multiple layer one chains.

Stayed tuned and make sure to check out the Inferno Mainnet here: https://app.burnt.com

About Burnt Finance

Burnt Finance is building the decentralized future for Web3 assets. Burnt allows users to take auctions into their own hands, enabling the minting and trading of any NFT in an entirely permissionless ecosystem. The platform can support auctions for NFTs, digital assets, and much more. Built on Solana, Burnt is able to achieve the fastest transaction speeds with negligible fees.

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