Crypto Watch brings the audience a round-up of the top stories of cryptocurrency in the past week, and it focused on Web3, Bitcoin, and the liquidation of different coins as the market receives a threat. The world now focuses on another staggering volatility of the top cryptocurrency, while some already focus on the future and its transition to Web3.

Web 3: The Future is Real, and Several Hirings is for its Development
Web3 is the upcoming face of the internet which is currently at Web2, soon having a new version that will help in bringing cryptocurrency as a massive part of it, a part of its transition. The focus of blockchain companies is to fast-track the accessibility of cryptocurrency and bring it to the world like the current monetary system that people use.

Polygon and Circle are two blockchain companies that are now sourcing out technology companies’ workers and professionals to hire and work on the new platform.

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The focus of Web3 is to bring a new facet of the vast platform of the internet, featuring cryptocurrency as one of the easily accessible platforms that will change the way it gets traded online. CNBC said that Polygon’s latest hire is the global gaming head of Google’s YouTube, Ryan Matt, which has already transitioned to the company.

Companies like Polygon and Circle are some of the pioneers of Web3, and it will be what fans of cryptocurrency will be delighted to hear, especially with its current focus.

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Bitcoin: Is It Crumbling or Will It Continue? Climate Crisis Says Intel CEO

There are fans and haters of Bitcoin, but one top executive in the technology industry is not that fond of the leading cryptocurrency, and it is Pat Gelsinger of Intel. The CEO said that Bitcoin is a “climate crisis” in the current environment, and it is figuratively doing so with its mining procedures known to many.

The CEO may also point out its meaning to the current crisis it brings to the crypto industry. It poses a volatile characteristic that is evident in what is happening now.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency loved and hated by many, and it shows in the current environment and times where people keep its circulation high, despite the ongoing decline.

Russia-Ukraine Tension: Bitcoin Suffers a Plunge of 7.5 Percent; To Go Further?
Last week, massive news erupted when the tension between Russia and Ukraine escalated, leading to a plunge of the top cryptocurrency to below $36,000, from its previous valuation at more than $40,000.

Tech Times’ report last week saw another 7.5 percent plunge of the top crypto despite it recovering to $38,000, which is a two percent increase from its previous valuation. According to Coin Market Cap, the current value of Bitcoin is at $37,000 again, and it faced an almost four percent drop over the past 24 hours of its real-time monitoring.


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